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 <epigraph>[[kipling:|Джозеф Редьярд Киплинг / Joseph Rudyard Kipling; 1865—1936)]]</epigraph> <epigraph>[[kipling:|Джозеф Редьярд Киплинг / Joseph Rudyard Kipling; 1865—1936)]]</epigraph>
 +<kolonki 100% 50%>
 +==== THE EXILES’ LINE ==== 
 +Now the new year reviving old desires,\\
 +The restless soul to open sea aspires,\\
 +Where the Blue Peter flickers from the fore,\\
 +And the grimed stoker feeds the engine-fires. 
 +Coupons, alas, depart with all their rows,\\
 +And last year’s sea-met loves where Grindley knows;\\
 +But still the wild wind wakes off Gardafui,\\
 +And hearts turn eastward with the P. & O’s.
 +Twelve knots an hour, be they more or less— \\
 +Oh slothful mother of much idleness,\\
 +Whom neither rivals spur nor contracts speed!\\
 +Nay, bear us gently! Wherefore need we press?
 +The Tragedy of all our East is laid \\
 +On those white decks beneath the awning shade— \\
 +Birth, absence, longing, laughter, love and tears, \\
 +And death unmaking ere the land is made.
 +And midnight madnesses of souls distraught \\
 +Whom the cool seas call through the open port, \\
 +So that the table lacks one place next morn, \\
 +And for one forenoon men forego their sport.
 +The shadow of the rigging to and fro \\
 +Sways, shifts, and flickers on the spar-deck’s snow, \\
 +And like a giant trampling in his chains, \\
 +The screw-blades gasp and thunder deep below;
 +And, leagued to watch one flying-fish’s wings,\\
 +Heaven stoops to sea, and sea to Heaven clings; \\
 +While, bent upon the ending of his toil, \\
 +The hot sun strides, regarding not these things:
 +For the same wave that meets our stem in spray \\
 +Bore Smith of Asia eastward yesterday, \\
 +And Delhi Jones and Brown of Midnapore \\
 +To-morrow follow on the self-same way.
 +Linked in the chain of Empire one by one,\\
 +Flushed with long leave, or tanned with many a sun, \\
 +The Exiles’ Line brings out the exiles’ line \\
 +And ships them homeward when their work is done.
 +Yea, heedless of the shuttle through the loom,\\
 +The flying keels fulfil the web of doom. \\
 +Sorrow or shouting—what is that to them? \\
 +Make out the cheque that pays for cabin room!
 +And how so many score of times ye flit \\
 +With wife and babe and caravan of kit, \\
 +Not all thy travels past shall lower one fare, \\
 +Not all thy tears abate one pound of it.
 +And how so high throe earth-born dignity, \\
 +Honour and state, go sink it in the sea, \\
 +Till that great one upon the quarter deck, \\
 +Brow-bound with gold, shall give thee leave to be.
 +Indeed, indeed from that same line we swear \\
 +Off for all time, and mean it when we swear; \\
 +And then, and then we meet the Quartered Flag, \\
 +And, surely for the last time, pay the fare.
 +And Green of Kensington, estray ed to view \\
 +In three short months the world he never knew, \\
 +Stares with blind eyes upon the Quartered \\
 +Flag And sees no more than yellow, red and blue.
 +But we, the gypsies of the East, but we— \\
 +Waifs of the land and wastrels of the sea— \\
 +Come nearer home beneath the Quartered Flag \\
 +Than ever home shall come to such as we.
 +The camp is struck, the bungalow decays,\\
 +Dead friends and houses desert mark our ways, \\
 +Till sickness send us down to Prince’s \\
 +Dock To meet the changeless use of many days.
 +Bound in the wheel of Empire, one by one,\\
 +The chain-gangs of the East from sire to son, \\
 +The Exiles’ Line takes out the exiles’ line \\
 +And ships them homeward when their work is done.
 +How runs the old indictment? “Dear and slow,” \\
 +So much and twice so much. We gird, but go. \\
 +For all the soul of our sad East is there, \\
 +Beneath the house-flag of the P. & O.
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 Плывет под пестрым флагом Пароходства \\  Плывет под пестрым флагом Пароходства \\ 
 Востока безутешная душа. Востока безутешная душа.
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