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Строка 46: Строка 46:
 +<kolonki 100% 50%>
 +=== SEPTEMBER ===
 +At dawn there was a murmur in the trees, \\
 +A ripple on the tank, and in the air \\
 +Presage of coming coolness -- everywhere \\
 +A voice of prophecy upon the breeze. \\
 +Up leapt the Sun and smote the dust to gold, \\
 +And strove to parch anew the heedless land, \\
 +All impotently, as a King grown old \\
 +Wars for the Empire crumbling 'neath his hand. \\
 +One after one the lotos-petals fell, \\
 +Beneath the onslaught of the rebel year, \\
 +In mutiny against a furious sky; \\
 +And far-off Winter whispered: -- "It is well! \\
 +"Hot Summer dies. Behold your help is near, \\
 +"For when men's need is sorest, then come I."
 === СЕНТЯБРЬ === === СЕНТЯБРЬ ===
Строка 62: Строка 82:
 Подкралась: «Лето хоронить мы будем! \\  Подкралась: «Лето хоронить мы будем! \\ 
 Я неизменно там, где трудно людям». Я неизменно там, где трудно людям».
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